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The new approach of getting solar and making positive impact on the environment

Offset your electricity bill with no solar installation.
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What is a Solar "Brick" ?

Brick is a portion of a solar power plant with 100 Watts of capacity. You can register any number of Bricks available in your dashboard. 10 Bricks are equivalent to 1KW of Solar Power Plant.

  • Easy to get, No Installation Needed

  • Fully managed solar plants by Solartrade

  • Monthly credits of revenue

How it works?

SolarBrick makes it possible to offset your electricity bill without hassle of installing the actual solar power plant at your premises.


Depending upon your requirement, register as many bricks as your want. You can start with as low as 1 Brick to begin your solar journey.

Power Generation

These bricks generate electricity in a remote location managed by Solartrade and being consumed by corporates and industries.

Credit Transfer

The revenue generated from the those bricks get transferred in the form of solar credits that offsets your electricity bill.

Offset Electricity Bill

Calculate how much bricks you need to offset your bill.

28 Bricks

You need 28 Bricks to offset your electricity bill. These bricks will cost around ₹ 168000 to register. This will generate solar credits for 25 years.

22800 Yearly

These bricks will generate a revenue of ₹ 22800 from energy generation which you can use to offset your electricity bill.

76 Tons CO2 Offset

Reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment as it will offset about 76 Tons of CO2 in its lifespan.

Benefits of Solarbrick

Solarbrick is thriving to make sustainability a reality for the modern world.


Zero Space Needed

Wherever you live in this world, apartment building or country side, you do not need a single inch of space for solar installation. Instead your solar bricks are working for you somewhere in the country all day.


Low Entry Barrier

Start with as low as 1 Brick, there is no entry level barrier whatsoever, over the time build your solar plant brick by brick. Just like a house is built, you can start building your solar power plant from today.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

The power you are using currently from fossil sources can now be offset by getting solar brick. You help environment with leaving less carbon footprint.


Solarbrick is now open for early access.

Get access to Solarbrick and start building your own Solar Power Plant from anywhere in the world to offset your electricity bill.